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Warr Acres Oklahoma Foundation Repair

Foundation settling can be stressful and many customers have found that their foundation has settled quickly after many years with no prior signs at all. Heavy amounts of rain can cause stress against your foundation and extreme drought can cause the soil under your foundation to shrink and collapse leaving a gap between the ground and your foundation. Bad drainage, ground movement and poor construction can also lead to foundation problems. Any of the following can be signs of needed foundation repair:

  • Cracks in interior walls
  • Cracks in brick and mortar
  • Doors and windows hard to open or close
  • Joints around windows or door frames pulling away from caulking
  • Roof leaks through roofing material that is in good shape
  • Sloping floors

Local Foundation Repair Services

Commercial or residential, you can rely on an experience foundation repair company that offers the right service for each individual job.

  • Foundation Settlement Repair
  • Lift and Stabilization of Concrete Floors
  • Sidewalk and walkway lifts
  • Foundation wall stabilization
  • Wood Floor Leveling
  • Beam Supports
  • Crawl Space Repairs
  • Block Piers

Repair Methods

There are several different methods available for foundation repair and our trained technicians will take the time to work with you and find the right solution for your foundation repair needs.

  • Concrete Piers
  • Concrete Pilings
  • Foam Injection
  • Steel Pilings

Preventative Services

We also specialize in services that will help eliminate foundation repair needs. Contact us for a free quote on any of our foundation repair preventative services.

  • Soil Injection
  • Root Barriers
  • Retaining Walls
  • Concrete ditches


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